Steroids without estrogen

Verbal memory scores are frequently used as one measure of higher level cognition . These scores vary in direct proportion to estrogen levels throughout the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. Furthermore, estrogens when administered shortly after natural or surgical menopause prevents decreases in verbal memory. In contrast, estrogens have little effect on verbal memory if first administered years after menopause. [40] Estrogens also have positive influences on other measures of cognitive function. [41] However the effect of estrogens on cognition is not uniformly favorable and is dependent on the timing of the dose and the type of cognitive skill being measured. [42]

For those individuals sensitive to aromatization and/or Estrogenic effects, it may be a wise idea to steer clear completely of any aromtizable compounds. However, it is a prime important rule that Testosterone be an essential inclusion in every single cycle for many important reasons. However, there is no necessity to run it at a supraphysiological bodybuilding dose. At higher and higher doses above normal physiological levels, the aromatization rate increases significantly. The solution is therefore to merely utilize Testosterone at TRT ( Testosterone Replacement Therapy ) dosages, which normally hover in the range of 100mg per week, and medical protocols call for 250mg once every four weeks. In using such a strategy, an individual who wishes to avoid any skyrocketing levels of Estrogen during an anabolic steroid cycle can utilize Testosterone at the previously mentioned dosage whilst running higher bodybuilding range dosages of other non-aromatizing compounds. Effectively, aromatization will be kept to a minimum and the user can enjoy a cycle that brings with it lean gains with little risk of estrogenic side effects, and a low requirement to utilize anti-Estrogens throughout the cycle unless absolutely required.

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Steroids without estrogen

steroids without estrogen


steroids without estrogensteroids without estrogensteroids without estrogensteroids without estrogensteroids without estrogen